Awareness Of Technology Use

STAT FAX 1904+

SF1904 1 unit
EUR 1880
Description: Chemistry AnalyzerBuilt-in printer. Built-in thermostat for 12 tubes. Automated filter wheel (340,405, 450, 505,545,600 nm)Open system for working with reagents of any manufacturers.Stand-alone instrument. Optional Mosquito aspiration sell is not obligatory for operation.

Awarness Stat Fax Laboratories manufactures the awareness of technology use reagents distributed by Genprice. The Awareness Of Technology Use reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Awarness Stat Fax. Other Awareness products are available in stock. Specificity: Awareness Category: Of Group: Technology Use

PC and printer for Stat Fax 4300 and 4400

1 unit Ask for price

Additional filters 405 and 700 nm for Stat Fax 4200

1 unit
EUR 187

Paper for Stat Fax 3200 (10 rolls)

1 unit
EUR 18

Paper for Stat Fax 4200 (10 rolls)

1 unit
EUR 18

External full alphanumeric keyboard for Stat Fax 3300

1 unit
EUR 104

Paper for Stat Fax 303+, 4700 (10 rolls)

1 unit
EUR 18

Redi Check Photometer Check Set for Stat Fax 1904+, Chem Well’s and other chemistry analyzers

1 unit
EUR 133

Technology Use information

Dri-Dye 492 nm

DD-3 1 unit
EUR 93
Description: Check Strips for any EIA analyzers. For 492 nm

Thermal printer paper (10 rolls)

A-WM 1 unit
EUR 18


A11-000 1 unit
EUR 2142
Description: Analyzer for electrolytes in serum or whole blood Parameters tested: sodium, potassium, chlorine For testing in whole blood, serum and plasma Minimal sample volume – 80 mklAnalysis time – 60-70 secondsColor LCD display 3.5” Built in thermal printerStart up kit included

Reagent pack

A11-100 1 unit
EUR 123

SelectaLyte Reagent Pack

A11-100-1 1 unit Ask for price

Na electrode

A11-110 1 unit
EUR 155

Na Electrode w/fill sollition

A11-110-1 1 unit Ask for price

К electrode

A11-120 1 unit
EUR 155

K Electrode w/fill sollition

A11-120-1 1 unit Ask for price

Сl electrode

A11-130 1 unit
EUR 155

Cl Electrode w/fill solution

A11-130-1 1 unit Ask for price

Reference electrode

A11-140 1 unit
EUR 75

Reference electrode

A11-140-1 1 unit Ask for price

Internal filling solution ( 3х2 ml )

A11-230 1 unit
EUR 12

Internal filling solution ( 3х2 ml )

A11-230-1 1 unit Ask for price

Reference Solution ( 3.2 ml )

A11-240 1 unit
EUR 25

Reference Solution (incl. in Reference electrode )

A11-240-1 1 unit Ask for price